Saturday, August 14, 2010

Theory Studies - Aircraft Tech

So I'm locked in, committed, to taking the Aircraft Technical Knowledge PPL exam on Saturday 21 Aug.

How did that happen?  I opened the book and started reading about different types of piston engines, closed the book, and said I didn't think I'd be ready for that one any time soon. 

When the time came to submit the applications for the exam, I told my husband to put me down for aircraft tech, with the assurance from him that he'd help me study.  This assurance seemed perfect - my husband is a bit of a gear head and also doing his PPL exams; I assumed we'd be studying together for the same exam (I found out later that he has signed up to do Meteorology).

So with a tiny ember of glowing hope, I've devised a study strategy.  It goes like this:  skim the information in the chapter, answer the comprehensive list of questions at the end of each chapter from memory or by re-reading, get quizzed on the study questions, sit the two practice exams included in the book, sit the actual exam in 6 days time.  Hopefully, my husband's not too busy with work and his own studies to help me a bit and hopefully I can motivate myself to find the time to study instead of working on the website, facebooking, tweeting, etc.

Wish me luck...

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