Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pilot Gear Makeovers - Headset Bling!

Well, I don't think I'll have to worry about anyone mistakenly walking off with my headset any more.  I had a plan to give my headset a girly makeover and I think I've succeeded.  I picked out some red and white stick on rhinestones and decided on a pattern - checker board...  I feel that checker board is in keeping with aviation (there are lots of planes painted in this pattern) and it ties into my favourite type of music, ska!

It was hard to decide just how to photograph the makeover as I wasn't feeling model-ready (no, that cute girl in the banner up top isn't me).  My 10 month old baby had a go and looked really cute but you couldn't see the pattern on the outside of the ear cups...
So I tried again, this time with a doorknob as my model to get a side-on shot of the red & white checkers. 

Okay, I'm no photographer, but I hope you get the idea!  Maybe my next goal after learning to fly should be learning to properly drive a camera :)

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