Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pilot Gear Makeovers

Yesterday I was feeling ultimately sorry for myself.  I had good reason to; blocked sinuses, massive headache, chesty cough, and aching muscles.  I could have cared less what the flying was like yesterday.

Today I feel a lot better but still haven't gotten over the blocked sinuses and sore back.  So, although it's the first good flying day since I started this blog, I'm on the couch...

On the couch plotting makeovers for my headset and pilot log book.  I'm a bit of a crafty person so I feel it only fitting that I embellish my pilot gear in some way.  I'm thinking a fabric slip cover for my log book (I've seen some cute prints online) and rhinestones all over my headset.

Here before photos of my headset and log book from the websites that sell them (unfortunate photos really, both items are actually more attractive in person although still not my style).
Stay tuned for the "AFTER" photos!


  1. Oh goodness, I remember how cool your old phone was all covered in rhinestones. I can NOT WAIT to see what you do to these!

    And um, you're more than just "a bit of a crafty person" my dear. You have made some killer items over the years, so I know you'll rock these.


  2. Ah, yes, the old argyle rhinestone phone...
    I will definitely be posting photos when I'm done, but sourcing the materials may take a while.