Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

Once again, I've taken a bit of a break from my flying lessons. After my last lesson, my husband talked to the instructor who said I best get my medical and go up with out B-Cat on my next session.  This has posed somewhat of a problem as I haven't made the time over Christmas and New Years to go in and get said medical.  Oh well, the weather over the past couple of weeks has been a bit of a mixed bag.

I still like a good flight though and a few days ago on a mint day, hubs and I packed up my father in law's super sporty DynAero and went to Whitianga for lunch.  Well, we arrived there about 3:30pm so it was a pretty late lunch and the food was a bit crap...

Anyway, on to a few photos!

 At North Shore Airfield getting ready to take the plane out.
 Mid-air snap!
 On the ground in Whitianga.
 Back in the plane.
Heading back towards Auckland - so many beautiful sights along the way :)

Since this is a New Year's post, I guess I'm meant to tell you my resolutions...

1.  Get my medical so I can actually focus on going solo :)
2.  Start my new job.
3.  Strike a positive work/life balance with plenty of flying!
4.  Complete my PPL this year.


  1. Very nice airplane!
    Hi, I'm a female private pilot in Canada. My husband and I fly our Cessna all over the place, including to the Bahamas!
    I agree that flying needn't be a boys club and so does Mireille, another female pilot in Canada who is organizing the Women of Aviation Worldwide week. Check out the website at
    Lesley Page

  2. Thanks for the link Lesley, I will check it out. The DynAero is really fast, like driving a Ferrari!