Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yesterday I sat my 3rd theory exam - Flight Radio Telephony Operator.  I feel very positive about the exam - if there's one thing I know how to do, it's talk.  And using the radio is all about talking.  Although there are some confusing rules, the overall thing is to be clear, concise, and accurate and to use the proper terms associated with radio communications.

As a student, you start using the radio early on to make basic calls and as you progress with your flying skills, you begin to make more and more of your radio calls yourself.  You get a good idea of what calls need to be made and what to say by listening to your instructor making calls for you when you're too busy learning to fly the plane.

For me, I think the fact that I've been using the radio and hearing other people's radio calls for some time now helped  me with the written exam.  I think it must be much harder to pass the written exam with no practical learning behind you in this case.  While I was studying for and doing the exam, I would imagine in my head that it was a real person making a radio call - what they sounded like, what the pace of their speech was and how I would respond (including my tone of voice and pace).  Imagining voices in my head seems a bit weird, but whatever works, right?

Other than studying for my exam, I have not been doing anything towards my flying.  There was a weather system approximately the size of Australia moving over our little country and it took it's time.  We had gale force winds, thunder, lightning, and hale - certainly not conditions to be out flying!

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